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At Work

We are a productions crew specializing in film and audio. We're auditioning talent for our new projects! Discovering the brightest individuals with the most awesome personalities and experience is our goal. We're building a strong team around the films and videos that we are creating and we want you to apply to be in our films! All you have to do to apply is visit our Starfire Talent Facebook Page and click the Jobs tab to see what all we're currently offering! Need that Starfire Talent Facebook Page link? Just scroll on down to the contact section. Break a leg!

Hustle Hard Movie Coming Soon

We create movies
that change lives.
Audition for us!

Here at Starfire Talent we're auditioning for a new film. It would be super swell if you could apply to audition. You have to have a facebook account and then you're all good! Mosey on over to Facebook and search for Starfire Talent and check out the jobs we're accepting applications for. If there isn't a job in your area, just pick one and apply anyways! We're searching for talent from all over!

At Work


We develop artists.
Take it to the next level.
Design your craft to perfection.

We work with the best of the best. We want you to be your best. Our mission is to represent the best and brightest talent. We are an independent company making our own films and content. We have movies and films in preproduction and are ready to make any moves necessary to get you under our wing. Let us represent you and help to master your craft.

Video editing solutions.
We edit all kinds of videos.
Have us do all your editing.

Video editing is serious business and it's our strongest suit in the entertainment industry. We strive to pump out the best quality and the highest definition as we can when it comes to video production. We've worked on countless youtube videos, along with commercial shorts for Instagram, Facebook and more! Let us handle your video editing!

Movie direction for Film.
A keen eye to detail.
We create moments to capture.

With our team of leaders, direction is easy to create a following for. In fact, direction is half the battle. Once you can conquer direction, the rest will follow. With compassion for film, a pulse of creativity, and a determination to create a wildly engaging experience, anything is possible. Have us create that experience for you, we're worth it.

Professional script writing.
Put your idea to paper.
Have your story written.

We're not kidding when we say that we're the best at script writing. No one beats our drive at expanding imaginations to create real and believable scenarios based on your ideas. We have a knack for story telling and doing it in a way that is natural to read, the lines just flow, and the stories just work. We're the absolute best at writing scripts!

Professional content publishing.
Get your content out there.
Engage with your customers.

When it comes to publishing content all across the web and distributing your brand, we are the ones to come to for all the answers. We can have your content up all across several stores online and even build a webpage for it! Our personalized digital content publishing package is unbeatable. We custom tailor your bio and make sure your content and bio properly represents you.





  • 160 Pages Max
  • Smooth Read
  • Spell Check



  • 160 Pages Max
  • Proof Read
  • Pro Format



  • Background Music
  • Title/End Credits
  • Scene Transitions



  • 500 Photos Max
  • Pro Resolution
  • Green Screen